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Traffic offences

Your Family’s Lawyer;
With you every step of the way

Your Family’s Lawyer; With you every step of the way

Traffic offence charges may seem minor however there are a number of consequences which flow from such.

We can explain the charge you are facing and the potential penalties for that charge.

Traffic offence matters such as Driving Under the Influence of Liquor or a Drug and Unlicensed Driving can carry serious penalties and licence disqualification periods may apply.  

If you are charged with a traffic offence it is extremely important you seek legal advice as a loss of your licence may lead to a loss of employment.

We can assist you with:

  •  Applications for a restricted/work licence
  •  Pleas in mitigation of penalty for alleged drink driving or drug driving, driving without a licence or driving while suspended or careless and dangerous driving


We are able to attend Courts in Innisfail, Cairns, Mossman and the Tablelands.



Traffic Offence Charges

Been charged with a traffic offence or drink/drug driving? If so, we recommend that you obtain expert legal advice with respect to the charge as your livelihood may depend on it.

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