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Driving Unlicensed

Unlicensed Driving - Don't Get Caught Out On The Road These Holidays

If you are planning on getting out and about over the upcoming long weekends for Easter, ANZAC and Labour Day, be sure to check your driver’s licence to ensure it has not expired before hitting the road. Many do not realise that driving on an expired licence is an offence (driving unlicensed) and further, the penalty for such is licence disqualification for 1-6 months depending on your circumstances.


The repercussions from disqualification can be serious and are often overlooked. Your employment may be impacted if you are unable to drive to/from work and for work purposes. You may not be eligible for a work licence if you are caught driving on an expired licence and you will be unable to drive while you are disqualified.  


If your licence is already disqualified by Court Order (for however long) and you are caught driving again during your disqualification period, it is mandatory that the Court disqualify you from driving for a minimum of 2 years. A few months disqualification can sometimes be managed, but a disqualification for 2 years can impact greatly on your circumstances and financial situation.


Our solicitors regularly assist clients with all types of traffic matters. We can help to ensure you have the best chance at receiving the minimum licence disqualification period. If you are charged with a traffic offence, feel free to contact our office to talk with our experienced team today.