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Planning & Environment

Your Family’s Lawyer;
With you every step of the way

Your Family’s Lawyer; With you every step of the way

Since its establishment, Marino Lawyers has provided extensive planning advice and has handled a significant number of Planning & Environment Court matters for its clients.

We can assist you with:

  • Negotiating development approvals
  • Material Change of Use / subdivision matters
  • Land and Planning and Environment court actions such as:
    • Appeals to the Planning and Environment Court with respect to a Development Approval;

    • Change Applications for a Development Approval;

    • Compensation claims against Local Councils.

  •  Liaising and negotiations with Local Authorities, Surveyors, Engineers and Contractors.
Wills & Estates

Issues With Building and Pest Inspections

When you are buying a home, it is important to conduct building and pest inspections to ensure that the property is not damaged or infested with pests. You should ensure your contract is subject to a building and pest inspection and make enquiries of an inspector prior to signing the contract to ensure that the timeframe in the Contract for obtaining the report is sufficient.

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