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Tips for Choosing a Conveyancer

Purchasing real estate isn’t as simple as buying a bag or a pair of shoes. It involves a complicated legal process that is likely to take longer than what you may expect. However, you can make this a seamless and efficient process by getting professional help from a qualified conveyancer in Cairns.

Conveyancing refers to the whole process of transferring a property’s title deed from one person to another. This includes the preparation, application and submission of various legal documents to complete the transfer. A good conveyancer will not only perform these tasks but they will also ensure that your best interests are protected right from the beginning.

Here’s how you can choose the best conveyancer for you.

The conveyancer informs you about the fees and charges for their service

There should be complete transparency about the fees and charges associated with using a conveyancer. You should be able to ask for examples of their fees and the corresponding service inclusions. Ask as many questions as possible to ensure there are no hidden charges.

Consider the proximity of the conveyancer

Because the conveyancing process is often complicated, it’s natural to want to be as close to your representative as possible. Face-to-face discussions are undoubtedly the most effective option when it comes to discussing every step of the transaction. When you choose a conveyancer whose office is close to you, it’s simple to meet with them in person should something unexpected arise during the transaction.

The conveyancer helps you make sense of the process

The last point to remember when choosing a conveyancer is that they’re there to provide a seamless process and to educate you on all the steps involved with purchasing real estate. So, choose a conveyancer who breaks down the complex legal jargon to simpler terms so you’re fully aware of what’s going on during the transaction.  

Finding a qualified conveyancer in Cairns

If you are in need of help in conveyancing in Cairns, get in touch with Marino Lawyers today. Call our team at (07) 4081 6700 and meet with us to discuss how we can best help you navigate the conveyancing process.