Thinking of selling or buying a commercial property?

Are you considering selling or buying a commercial property? Whether you’ve received an enticing offer or are looking at an investment opportunity, commercial property can be a significant part of your investment portfolio and the process of selling can be quite complex. An experienced lawyer can assist you with the preparation, negotiation, and sale process. Our team has listed some starting points to consider if you are thinking about selling or buying a commercial property.

Commercial Leasing in Queensland

Leasing commerical property is a much more complex process than residential property. While you may have rented residential property by yourself before, engaging the services of an experienced solicitor to assist you with commercial property is highly recommended to ensure you and your business are protected in the agreement.

Deciding what will happen in the event of your death may not be something you want to think about, but it is important to consider and prepare a valid will.

What To Know About Buying Commercial Property

Buying property can be a complex process; especially when it comes to commercial property for either business or investment. Engaging the services of a qualified commercial solicitor in Cairns can ease the burden of confusing paperwork and assist you with the complex process involved in the purchase of commercial property.

Thinking of Buying a Business? Here’s 3 things to know

Buying a business can be a major event in one’s life, with which comes the advantage of an established reputation and customer base compared to starting a new business. However, established businesses can also have their baggage. You will need to examine details of the business to ensure that it will be a good investment.