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Charity donation jar with money in it

How To Leave A Gift In Your Will

When creating a Will, it’s often overlooked that you can leave a sum of money to a charity. Making a Will is essential to protect you, your loved ones and your assets in the event of your death. As life is often busy and people are hindered from giving as generously during their lives, a great way to support the vital work of charities is to gift part or all your money/estate in your Will to a charity of your choice. 

Engaging a solicitor will assist you in helping the charity you choose is genuine and the best possible option. You can also discuss alternative options should an unforeseen circumstance arise, such as the charity deregistering prior to you bestowing the gift. 

If you’d like to discuss how to leave a gift in your will, we are here to help.

Our experienced team at Marino Lawyers will help guide you through the Will planning process, but if any questions arise please contact our office. 

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