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Conveyancer or Solicitor? Which service should you engage?

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When purchasing a property, there is an abundance of contracts and legal paperwork that you need to complete, and the whole process can seem quite daunting. While it is recommended to engage the services of a Conveyancer for this process, have you considered whether it is a Conveyancer or a Solicitor that you need?

So, what does a Conveyancer do?

The word “conveyancing” comes from the Latin word “Conveyare” which means to carry or transport. Essentially, this reflects their role in transferring across property ownership between parties.

Conveyancers can assist in the legal aspects of buying and selling property, working with clients to ensure property transactions are legally sound, and completed in time. This includes a range of tasks from preparing and reviewing all legal documents, carrying out property searches to verify legal property ownership, and ensuring any debts on the property are adjusted so they are not inherited by the purchaser.

Is there anything a Conveyancer can’t do?

While Conveyancers can provide advice on conveyancing matters, they may not have the legal authority to advise on other legal matters that may be closely associated, such as property disputes, easements, caveats or lease agreements. This may limit the advice they can give you.

Should you have a complex settlement, it is wise to engage the services of a Conveyancer who works alongside a solicitor, not just for the additional legal advice they can provide, but also if a property dispute arises, your solicitor will be able advise you and represent you if the matter becomes litigious.

Ultimately the choice of who to engage for your purchase or sale comes down to your specific needs and preferences. It’s also important to engage a professional who is experienced in property law and can provide you with the services to ensure a successful property transaction.

What should I look for in a Conveyancer?

Do they have the experience?

When choosing your Conveyancer or Solicitor to handle your property settlement, it’s important to consider their experience in handling property settlements similar to yours.

Is their reputation positive?

Do your research, check online for reviews, or speak to family or friends to look for recommendations. Don’t forget that every situation is unique, so one person’s great experience may not be the same for the next, but take into consideration all of “the good, the bad and the ugly”.

Can they communicate clearly?

Law and conveyancing can be complex and you want to be sure that you understand before you sign on the dotted line. Look for clear and prompt communication, responsive to any questions and concerns that may arise, and that your legal representative will keep you up to date on the progress of your settlement.

At Marino Lawyers, we are fortunate to have a team of experienced Solicitors and Conveyancers to assist you in your next purchase or sale. Contact our office today for an obligation free quote and discuss your next property venture.



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